About FD Hacks

We Get It…

Budgets are tight. Resources are scarce. Demands on us are on the rise. It’s a hell of a time to be in the fire service. Our emergency responses are getting extremely complex and require hours of training. And to top it off, we’re doing all this with, well, less of us…..

But we are firefighters. We will always answer the call. That’s what FD Hacks is all about.

what is FD hacks?

We’re firefighters, so we know the value of teamwork and the importance of training. We started FD Hacks to help share knowledge and experience across the fire service.

Hacks are the tips, tricks, knowledge, and stories acquired through experience that make our jobs easier, improve our service level, or just make things more enjoyable. A FD Hack can be as simple as a unique way you found to hold a certain tool, to the more complex, such as a program started to improve firefighter wellness. It could also be that valuable story you tell the rookies to prepare them for what they’re about to embark on.

We’re here to share our FD Hacks with you. And we hope you’ll share yours with us - and the rest of the fire service community. Because, during these increasingly difficult times, it’s critical firefighters stick together, help each other out, and share our knowledge.

our mission

Create a firefighting community to share tips, tricks, knowledge, and stories for a better fire service.