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By Blaize, FD Hacks

If you’re not already signed up for the Daily Dispatch, you’re missing out. This is one of our favorite fire service newsletters. The Daily Dispatch provides a blend of local and national fire news five days a week.

About the Daily Dispatch

The Daily Dispatch is a product of the Western Fire Chiefs Association and is distributed in cooperation with all seven U.S. Divisions of the International Association of Fire Chiefs. It is published each weekday, usually around the early afternoon. According to their website, “The newsletter features current national and state news and fire service announcements in a format that was designed to meet the needs and interests of the busy fire chief and motivated chief officer. Entry level fire personnel may also benefit by staying connected with fire safety information and other trends in the fire service.” The quick bites of news are perfect to stay up-to-date. Each story is sourced with the original article, so you can follow the link provided for more detailed information.

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Subscribe to the newsletter today at www.dailydispatch.com. Select your state - the top half of your newsletter (usually 4-6 stories) will be curated for this location. The bottom half of the newsletter will be national news and announcements. Sometimes your local stories are also featured in the national news. Follow the instructions on the site and you’ll be one of the best informed in your firehouse!

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