Fire Department Ultimate Frisbee

People playing Frisbee.

People playing Frisbee.

By FF Katie N, New York

Our volunteer fire department started playing pickup ultimate Frisbee one Saturday per month from May to October. We create a schedule at our April meeting, post it on the bulletin board in our meeting room, and email it out to all the members. There are a few ultimate Frisbee fans on the department who had been meeting up behind the firehouse randomly a few times per month for a pickup game. We proposed making it a formal activity for the department two years ago and it’s been a success. We usually get 10-12 people to show up, but there have been occasions when almost 20 turn out.

We open the invite up to department members, their kids (over age of 16), spouses, and occasionally friends of members. The department sponsors drinks (water, Gatorade, etc.) and purchased the Frisbees and cones. We keep the game low-key and fun. It’s been a great way to engage outside of routine department business.

I’d recommend you ask around, there may be a sport that multiple people on your fire department have a common interest in. We chose ultimate because we already had a group interested in the sport, and people could see us having a good time. Have fun!

Katie N has been a volunteer firefighter in NY for four years.

What do you think? Do you have an extracurricular-type activity that brings firefighters together? Do you have any success/failure stories you’d like to share? Either tell us in the comments below or submit your own Hack!

Disclaimer: You must always consider your own personal safety, as well as department policies and procedures.