Halligan Carry Idea

firefighter Halligan Carry__fully stored.jpg

By FF Rob Wiggins, Ladder co 242

Every call it seems there is a point when you end up with more gear than hands or need to accomplish a task that requires you to put your halligan down. But ditching your halligan, even briefly, could result in it being stolen on-scene by the second due crew!


Here is how a few of us have been running, but BE WARNED! You have to be fully prepared to being called He-man and that you are summoning the power of Grayskull!

  • Lean to the left and pull shoulder strap off your shoulder a bit

  • Slide halligan down side of bottle

  • Orientate halligan head to a position of comfort

  • Done - you’re ready to go

Halligan Carry_image one_ready to store.jpg
firefighter Halligan Carry_image two_start move.jpg
Halligan Carry_image three_fully stored.jpg

It’s simple and we find we always have a halligan on our person without compromising what other equipment we can move or utilize.


To retrieve the halligan:

  • Reach with your left hand to fork end

  • Give it a push

  • Grab the head with your right hand

  • Summon the power of Grayskull - Done!

Halligan Carry_image four_start remove.jpg
Halligan Carry_image six_ grab hand removed.jpg
Halligan Carry_image five_mostly removed.jpg
Halligan Carry_image seven_full removal .jpg

We have yet to have the tool move or twist. This might not be for everyone, but it works for me. Just passing along what was passed on. Stay safe.

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Robert Wiggins is a Firefighter on Ladder co 242 in Ontario, Canada who believes, “No one cares, work harder.” You can follow FF Wiggins on Instagram @rob_wig. Check out his FD Hack: Wire/Cable Cutter Modification.

Disclaimer: You must always consider your own personal safety, as well as department policies and procedures.