Firefighter Tool Modification: Halligan w/ A Rex Tool

This modified halligan makes quick work of a locked door.

This modified halligan makes quick work of a locked door.

By FF Stephen Eller

For this tool modification, I started with a 24’ Fire Hooks Unlimited (FHU) ProBar. I cut the pike off and added a Rex Tool in its place.

firefighter halligan probar.jpg
modified firefighter halligan.jpg
firefighter halligan pick removed.jpg
modified halligan forcible entry.jpg


This tool modification provides a firefighter with a decent size bar for forcible entry and pulling locks. I know that Fire Hooks Unlimited makes a Rex Tool into a wide adz halligan, but you lose some of your mechanical advantage with it. Plus, I prefer a normal size adz. It’s been useful on several medical calls, fire alarms, and fires. See the modified halligan in action (pulling door knobs, dead bolts, rim locks, and hinge-side forcible entry):

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Stephen Eller has been a firefighter in South Carolina for eight years. You can follow him on Instagram @stephen_eller.

Disclaimer: This is for informational purposes only and opinions reflected are those of the author. Always consider personal safety and department policies/procedures. Before making any tool modifications, contact the manufacturer and reference the user manual.