Make Your Hood a Habit

firefighting hood.jpeg

Submitted By FF Rachel K, Connecticut

The firefighting hood is an important part of our personal protective equipment ensemble. Not only does the firefighting hood provide thermal protection, it protects us from harmful, hazardous particles and substances. Wearing your hood should be a habit.

Hood in boot ready to go.

Hood in boot ready to go.

The problem is that use of the firefighting hood can be less frequent, and sometimes even forgotten altogether. This is not something you want to forget! That is why I store my hood in my boot, ready to go. It forces me to decide not to wear the hood, rather than to remember to put it on. Eventually, this creates a habit - one particularly useful for new firefighters. I still keep my hood in my boot now because I’d rather have my hood on and be ready to work, than need to remember to put it on after the fact.

Rachel K is a Firefighter/EMT in Connecticut.

Disclaimer: This is for informational purposes. You must always consider your own safety, as well as department policies and procedures.