SCBA Mask Location


By: Rob Wig, Ladder co 242

Whether it’s frowned upon at your department or not, at the end of the day, many of us are running with our scba masks pre-connected for a variety of reasons. Here is a quick easy trick I wish I had been shown 12 years ago:

If your assigned to a task and your mask will be in a position causing it to drag on the ground while setting up a piece of equipment, or is going to be swinging in the way, take your mask and swing it over your shoulder and let it hang on the opposite side of your tank.


Retrieval is easy - lean to your right shoulder, swing around and grab your mask!


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Robert Wiggins is a Firefighter on Ladder co 242 in Ontario, Canada who believes, “No one cares, work harder.” You can follow FF Wiggins on Instagram @rob_wig. Check out his FD Hack: Wire/Cable Cutter Modification.

Disclaimer: You must always consider your own personal safety, as well as department policies and procedures.