FD Story: Five Lessons My Grandfather Taught About the Fire Service

My grandfather, Jerry Levitan, Sr, was a volunteer firefighter in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania for over twenty years. He didn’t start his firefighting career until he was 48 years old, completing fire academy training with recruits 25 years younger. He went on to have a successful tenure, serving as captain, lead instructor for department driver training, and as a trustee on his department’s executive board. Here are the five most important lessons my grandfather taught me about the fire service.

FD Story: Back To Grandpa's Firehouse

I’m in the front passenger’s side of a big Kenworth tanker truck. It’s a black top style truck with a big silver tank holding 3,000 gallons of water. Our station logo is in gold leaf on each door, with “Station 70” written just below it. We were just called to provide additional water at a large house fire in the next town over. While they are a neighboring community, this is rural Pennsylvania, so everything is a haul, especially in this elephant like piece of apparatus.