Halligan Carry Idea

Every call it seems there is a point when you end up with more gear than hands or need to accomplish a task that requires you to put your halligan down. But ditching your halligan, even briefly, could result in it being stolen on-scene by the second due crew! Here’s a solution for carrying a firefighter halligan.

Radios for Firefighters Who Hate PowerPoint

The dreaded radio operations drill. We have all sat through endless powerpoint slides with pictures of radios and sample communications in quotation marks that struggles to hold our attention. So it may be surprising that one of the best classes I’ve ever taken covered basic radio use, but with a twist.

Fire Department Drill Calendar/Schedule

Fire Department Drill Calendar/Schedule

Time is too valuable to be wasted. Fire departments must maximize the limited use of time we have our firefighters together, especially as we continue to do more, with less. If your fire department hasn’t already done so, you must arrange an organized, consistent, and well-thought out training program. Use a drill calendar or schedule to get started.