Vintage Firefighter Posters and Prints

Vintage posters and prints are all the rage these days. From historic fire department logos to WPA posters to old newspaper prints - it’s all coming back! We’re excited to launch an online store with many vintage and historic firefighter posters and prints available (also on a variety of products like framed images, metal signs, mugs, stickers, and more). 

Where Can I Buy??!

We’ve set up a store with online retailer Redbubble, which you can access here:

We’ve done a lot of research and work to give these vintage, and sometimes very historic, firefighting prints a new life. They make great gifts and also look really good as posters in any living room, office, or bar. If you don’t see something you love yet, check back often because we’re uploading new vintage fire department prints weekly.

Here is a look at our three favorite vintage firefighter prints right now.

American Fireman Always Ready Vintage Poster

American Fireman - Always Ready! Check out this cool vintage reproduction of an 1850s fireman pulling a horse-drawn fire engine. Based on a real print from Louis Mauer in 1858! Looks great in an office, living room, firehouse. Great way to bring history to life.

Vintage Old Philadelphia Fire Department of 1850 Print

Love this firefighting poster! This vintage style color reproduction shows the old Philadelphia Fire Department of 1850. The scene depicts the "Great Engine Contest on Sunday Evening July 7, 1850. This is based on a real painting from around 1881. Will look great on the walls of your office or living room or any space! Please note this is a vintage style print based on an image from the 1880s and includes some signs of aging.

American Fireman Facing The Enemy Vintage Poster

Cool vintage firefighting print. Love this series from the 1850s! Makes a great gift and is based on the real hand-colored image from Currier & Ives in 1858! Bring history back to life!!!!! From the "American Firefighter" series. This one is called "Facing The Enemy" BOO-YAH!!!!!!

We know you’ll love these vintage firefighter posters! What’s not to like? Get yours today - and send us a picture of it up if you do! If you have any feedback or suggestions, please let us know!