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Submission Guidelines

  • We’re looking for content that promotes a better fire service.

  • If submitting via email, please use PDF or include it as text in the body of the email. Pictures are highly encouraged!

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Submit Via Email

You can also submit your hack to us via email at fdhacks@gmail.com. Preferred file format for email submissions is PDF. Examples of what to submit include:

  • Tips or techniques for using a tool

  • Training programs or special drill ideas

  • Advice you pass along to new firefighters

  • Firefighting stories that teach or inspire

  • Administrative techniques/advice, policy examples, how-to’s

  • Any trusted advice/technique/story you’ve turned to throughout your career that you want to share with the firefighting community.

It’s important we work together, so we encourage you to submit even if you’re not sure. Sometimes pictures really are worth 1,000 words! We’ll follow up to confirm if we will use or not. If you’re having difficulty editing or finishing an article or submission, submit anyways and let us know - we can help with that